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The TrigJig AF6 MKII Angle Finder Stubby, ideal for areas with restricted access.


The fully CNC machined aluminium arms are now anodised in our stylish brand colours to give better corrosion and wear resistance.


The degree scales are now precision lasered directly onto the lower arm which gives the AF6 MKII Stubby unrivalled accuracy that you can depend on.


The AF6 MKII Stubby still has the same great Triple Display Design to show the protractor, mitre and single butt joint angles that can be transferred directly to your mitre saw. It also features an extra scale for use with with a pre-cut 45 degree block to enable more acute angles to be cut on the mitre or table saw.


A dedicated handy online coving/crown calculator for smart phones allows the user to input the protractor reading and instantly get the calculated angle they require for more complex projects.


Suitable for roofing, plasterboarding, carpentry, finish trimming, metal fabrication, framing, floor laying, skirting board, decking, marking and laying out, the applications are endless!


  • 6" (150mm) and half-sized 'stubby' arm
  • >0.2° precision
  • Protractor display
  • Mitre angle display
  • Butt joint display
  • CNC-milled aluminium construction
  • 1° increments
  • Made in Great Britain

Angle Finder AF6 MKII Stubby

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