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3 pockets, 3 slots, 2 loops


The Eagle is our medium non-dominant sized fastener pouch and is included in the Artisan and Chopo Systems.  It includes a top pocket for tape, chalk or small fasteners, a main pocket with a speed square divider sized for hand tools or strip fasteners.  Choose this pouch if you carry tools or small fasteners on your non-dominant side and want to keep a slim profile on the site.


Attachment: Hook and Loop System


What Fits: Strip Fasteners, Glue Bottles, Wire Nuts, Punches, Chisel, Markers, Speed Square, Small to Medium Tape


Great For: Carpenters, Remodelers, Drywallers, Electricians




  • Butterfly Tool Loops
  • Speed Square Slot
  • Pocket Divider
  • Hammer/Flat Bar Holster can be attached



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