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1. Easy Glide Wheels

Perfectly sized for accuracy with the smoothest action to avoid damage to finished surfaces.


2. Adjustable Holder

Accommodates any marker (2–12mm) so you can continue to use your preferred implement.


3. Thumb Wheel

Secure your pencil or any other marker by tightening the thumb wheel.


4. Moveable Holder

Set the distance by positioning the pencil holder anywhere along the loop for maximum scribing options.


5. Precision Tip

Perfect for scribing very complex profiles, such as skirting or stone walls.


6. Drawing Compass

Draw perfect circles with the Profiler+® adjusting the pencil holder to set the radius.


7. Prongs

With the pencil inserted correctly, the two prongs and pencil tip create a tripod for stability during scribing.


8. Sure Grip

Robust body construction for the best grip in any situation.


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