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Introducing the LiftMate, designed for the of the Australian tradesmen and construction market. With an impressive lifting capacity of up to 150 kg, this versatile tool opens up endless possibilities for a wide range of tasks. From seamlessly installing doors, windows, cabinets to tackling larger projects like flooring, decks, and framing, the LiftMate ensures efficient and precise work on various construction tasks.


Description:- Achieve millimeter-precise adjustments effortlessly with the enhanced calibration unit, ensuring utmost accuracy.- Install heavy objects swiftly and securely with a load limit of 150 kg, offering convenience and peace of mind.- Benefit from high stability provided by the premium quality black carbon steel construction, ensuring reliable performance.- Operate with ease using just one hand, simplifying tasks and enhancing efficiency.- Versatile functionality allows for raising, lowering, clamping, and spreading tasks, making it an ideal tool for various applications.


Instructions:- To lower or release tension from the clamping tool, utilise one of two options: the left lever for precise millimeter adjustments or the right lever for complete release of tension.


Twin pack - comes with 2 LiftMates

The LiftMate - One Handed Lifting Tool

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