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Torpedo Measure Level A.K.A (back hand level) Anodised Aluminium


  • Easy to read level with high quality visibility bubbles. Made in the UK with high quality PMMA, scratch free high optical clarity material.
  • Strong Two-point Magnetic points for steel work applications.
  • Heavy duty anodised Aluminium frame, to ensure accuracy and durability.
  • Torpedo measure level A.K.A (back hand level) an easy size for every day carry use. Easy to put in your pocket or nail bag.
  • Has a 150mm stainless steel ruler that could be used all the way up, giving an extended 300mm overall measurement. It has an adjustable locking knob to scribe or measure.
  • Assembled in Australia with Australian quality control.



  • Frame:  strong Aluminium
  • Ruler: adjustable 150mm stainless steel
  • Overall size: 186mm
  • Magnets: two 8mm magnets
  • Spirit Level: 29mmX10mmX10mm
  • Spirit Level sensitivity: 2mm per 48minutes
  • Surface treatment:  blue Anodised
  • Weight 244g

Bits and Tips Torpedo Measure Level

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