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A compact, lightweight and versatile spirit level, designed with tapered ends to fit perfectly in your pocket. It comes equipped with crushproof tubular vials - horizontal, vertical and 45° angle - allowing for a wide array of applications. All 3 vials are highly resistant to ultraviolet light and temperature fluctuations. The liquid gives the bubble optimal freedom of movement and is not affected by static electricity. It's made from impact resistant ABS plastic and an aluminium core that makes it both more durable and precise. A strong magnet keeps it in place on pipes, beams and other magnetic surfaces.


  • Slim torpedo spirit level designed to fit in your pocket.
  • Aluminium profile for greater durability and precision.
  • 3 crushproof vials with a 200 mm radius giving a sensitivity of 10 mm/m.
  • Tolerance +/-1.0 mm/m.
  • Strong magnet along the entire contact surface.

Hultafors - Torpedo Spirit Level TV20

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